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NexG World Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is associated with VoIP services provided by NexG World. NexG World will comply with all applicable privacy laws governing NexG World services provided in other jurisdictions. For customers purchasing any other services from NexG World or any of its affiliates. NexG World will not trade, sell, or disclose to any third party any form of customer identifiable information without the consent of the customer (except as required by subpoena, search warrant or other legal process or in the case where failure to disclose information will lead to imminent harm to the customer or others). This includes information derived from registration, subscription, and use of the NexG World services.

Collection / Use of Customer Identifiable Information:
NexG World shall collect and use customer identifiable information for billing, provisioning of services, to solve problems associated with services, inform customers of new products, service affecting changes, confirm transactions, apply payments and all other necessary work that must be performed to deliver and manage the service. NexG World will use customer identifiable information to market products and services that will enhance products and services to the customer, but will not disclose or make available a ny customer identifiable information to any third parties seeking to market products.

Security Measures:
NexG World has contemplated and deployed required security features to ensure the privacy of customer information on its network. NexG World has implemented strict guidelines to ensure customer privacy is protected. NexG World will continue to upgrade security policies and implement additional security safeguards.

NexG World will not read, listen to or disclose to any third parties private e-mail, conversations, or other communications that are transmitted using NexG World services except as required to ensure lawful operation of services or as otherwise required by law.

Unlawful Activity:
NexG World may use customer identifiable information to investigate and help prevent potentially unlawful activity or activities that threaten the integrity of service or network integrity or humanity otherwise violate NexG World Service Agreement.

NexG World makes use of the services of third parties to process customer’s payments and it is required that these third parties take the appropriate organizational and technical measures to protect your personal data and traffic data and to comply with relevant laws.

We take every possible precaution to protect personal information from misuse, loss or unauthorized access, therefore, we have put various safeguards to secure customer’s personal information. Your personal information will never be misused in any way.

NexG World Spam Policy:
NexG World has zero tolerance for spam

NexG World GDPR compliance:
NexG World has adopted a new standard for personal data laws with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We realize the importance & need of personal data protection and take our users privacy very seriously. In order to maintain this, we handle every information provided to us by our users with utmost care. As an organization, we are committed to maintain the security and confidentiality while processing our users’ personal information.

NexG World, herby are happy to state that we have adopted all necessary measures to become a GDPR Compliant organization. We collect users’ data such as email address, phone number and preferences, when they perform activities on our website such as installing a software or creating an account. We get some of the data by recording how and when users interact with our services.